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Things to do in Kazan

Kazan is full of wonderful things to do. It is not only famous for the Kremlin Palace or other attractions, but is also a sporting city with national roots in its past and a cultural fusion of west and east with multiple religions, and a long history with youthful elements. Because of this, a deep culture, an enthusiastic sport scene, modern shopping streets replete with delicate and unique souvenirs and an exciting night life await those who visit. Have fun in fantastic Kazan!

A Tour of Culture (1)

Kazan is an amazing city in which fun and solemnity blend and co-exist perfectly. The fusion of multiple religions can be found in every corner of Kazan, from European cathedrals such as the  Blagoveshenskiy cathedral in Kremlin and the Tihvinskaya church in Tukaevskiy alleyway, or Islamic mosques like the Kul-Sharif mosque in Kremlin and Mardjani mosque in Nasiri Street. There is also a wide array of Asian-style temples throughout the city.


A Tour of Culture (2)


Beyond places of worship, a variety of theaters, libraries, and music and art schools are popular destinations of choice for visitors to Kazan, in particular the V.M. Kachalov Kazan Academic Russian Drama Theater and Kazan State Young People’s Theater; both are highly recommended.

If you want to get even closer to the intellectual hubs of Kazan, consider exploring some of the city’s 29 universities; Kazan State University, located on the famous Kremlin Street, is the center of Russian education, science and culture. It’s also worth mentioning that two men of great significance – Lenin and Leo Tolstoy – once lived here.



Kazan is the sport capital of Russia with fabulous stadiums and numerous sports schools and clubs. Many famous international champions begin their careers in Kazan, such as figure skater A. Fadeyev, the wrestler A. Kurynov, and the footballer O. Kolotov, just name a few. Considering Kazan’s proximity to water (most notably the Volga and Kazanka Rivers as well as various) it should not be a surprise that Kazan’s athletes have traditionally performed well in aquatic sports. When you visit the water, you may even get to witness the strong oarsman training, and you may even catch of glimpse of the “Unics” basketball club and member of the Russian Basketball League if you visit the “Basket-Hall,”Russia’s largest basketball “palace.”

If you’re a hockey fan, don’t skip the “Ak Bar”, the fabulous hockey club; soccer fanatics may want to check out the soccer club “Rubin” for a close look at true greatness.

Finally, if you are looking for a sport with strong cultural ties to the city, the most prevalent sport is that of Tatar wrestling; you might be able to experience a local exhibition of strength, quickness, and daring.



Kazan is a fantastic place for shopping, with both fashionable modern shopping malls and international brands and traditional markets comprised of local vendors, giving your experience a real “local flavor.”

Bauman Street, near to Kazan Kremlin, is home to many of the world’s finest brands in addition to cathedrals, theaters and monuments, shops and restaurants are scattered along the whole street.

It is a great choice if you want to go shopping, eating or drinking, or find some entertainment with family and friends.

Night life


As night comes to Kazan, each building in the center turns on in its own unique light, and visitors often choose to experience the cities charm through a late-night stroll along the river.

Beyond water walks, Kazan’s nighttime activities include restaurants, coffee shops and clubs. Many restaurants and clubs are open till late, providing visitors the chance to enjoy both delicious meals and lively music; head to Bauman Street to find the epicenter of nightlife when the sun goes down.

What to buy and eat in Kazan





Fine ornaments and delicate dolls are popular gifts among visitors who want to share the culture around them in Kazan with their families and friends back home, especially porcelain eggs, samovars, key chains with a matryoshka and traditional Russian nesting dolls.

Fashionistas may like to have a USSR fashion T-shirt or Pavloposad shawl. If you are a music lover consider taking a look at a balalaika, a vivid musical symbol of Russia and is often decorated with colorful folk-theme paintings.

A friendly tip: remember to bring your bag when shopping for gifts since many shops offer no packaging bags.

When your stomach wants to do some exploring of its own, Russian borscht, caviar and pancakes are famous local style cuisines. If you plan to drink the well-known Russian vodka, the frozen pure vodka is recommended.